Huffy Hardtail 26 Inch Mountain Bike Review 

A old name in the world of mountain biking, Huffy has been around for 125 years making high quality and affordable mountain bikes and the Huffy Hardtail 26 inch mountain bike is no exception. One of the absolute best bike in the world for its price of less than $300, you will be hard pressed to find a better bike for a better price. We know that mountain biking can be an expensive so we do our best here to found you great bikes for great prices and the Huffy Hardtail mountain bike is exactly that. Throughout this review we will go over some of the best features of this mountain bike along with our overall opinion for the Huffy Hardtail. 

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Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike Review 


Before we get too deep into this review we feel as though it is our obligation to let you know that this is NOT a high end bicycle. It will not handle intense downhill riding, and will not provide the quality of a $1,000 bike, and with that being said we will be reviewing this mountain bike in terms of comparing it to other relatively priced bikes. Of course it would not do you any good for us to compare this bike to the Mongoose Tyax Expert, because they are in complete different realms of performance, however there is a time and place for a bike like the Huffy Hardtail and we will do our best to keep this review as objective and informative as possible. 

Steel Frame


The first thing that you will realize if you have read any of our other mountain bike reviews is that a majority of modern bikes are made of lightweight aluminum alloy, the Huffy Hardtail’s frame however is made of heavier steel. This makes sense as steel is far cheaper than aluminum however it does increase the weight of your bike. Although no professional rider would ever consider a steel frame they have gotten a overly exaggerated negative connotation. Steel frames are still extremely durable and will hold up as well, if not better than most aluminum frame bikes. For the amateur rider for whom the Huffy Hardtail is made, the difference is weight between aluminum and steel will make little to no difference. 

21 Speed

While not the ideal number of speeds for a mountain bike (we usually prefer 27 speeds), the 21 speeds of the Huffy Hardtail is a perfect amount for a younger or amateur rider. Of course if you are looking for a bike that will be able to handle steep incline and declines 21 speeds would most likely not be enough, however most riders that we have worked with have told us that they are perfectly happy with only 21 speeds on their mountain bikes.

Shimano Derailleur

One of the best features of the Huffy Hardtail is its premium Shimano derailleur. Most lower end bike are able to save money by using less than acceptable components and one of the biggest things that is overlooked is the derailleur. One of the most important features of a mountain bike, the derailleur can make or break your new mountain bike, and at times can even be dangerous depending on how cheap some companies want to go. Known throughout the world for making the best possible biking components, Shimano is the face of mountain biking parts including derailleurs, breaks, and gears. Coming equipped with a Shimano derailleur, the Huffy Hardtail is able to switch gears smoothly and efficiently ensuring that you have no problems on the trail. We cannot stress how important a derailleur is to your biking experience, it is great news that Huffy decided to give this relatively inexpensive bike a Shimano derailleur and is one of the reasons why this is such a great bike to find for its price. 


Overall the Huffy Hardtail 26 inch mountain bike will give you exactly what you expect and more from a less than $300 mountain bike. It will not outperform the high end bikes on the market however, it will outperform most, if not all bike around it’s same price. The Huffy Hardtail has 21 speeds, a premium Shimano derailleur, and is made of a durable steel frame. This mountain bike will give you a comfortable, smooth, ride and will last you long enough to get more than your money’s with. In our professional opinion this bike is not for anyone looking for a high end mountain bike, however for a younger or amateur rider, this mountain bike would be an excellent introduction to the exciting world of downhill mountain biking for a very inexpensive price point. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How tall should I be to ride the Huffy Hardtail mountain bike?

The Huffy Hardtail 26 inch mountain bike is designed for young adults who are at least 5 feet tall and can be ridden comfortable by anyone up to 6 feet tall. 

Is Huffy a good mountain bike brand?

Yes. Huffy has been around for over 100 years and has always prided itself on making high quality and affordable mountain bikes and the Huffy Hardtail mountain bike is no exception.

Is the Huffy Hardtail a good bike for beginners?

As the name implies this is a hardtail bike which is great for beginners as it is much easier to ride compared to a full suspension bike. Overall the Huffy Hardtail is a great bike for beginners or younger riders due to its durability, low price, and relatively high performance compared to other bikes in its price range. 

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