Kugel Mountain Bikes – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide (2022)

When looking for a brand that will ensure fun, enjoyable rides with the components to keep you safe no matter what obstacle you face, we’ve found that Kugel Brand Mountain Bikes are a sure hit at their low price. With good quality aluminum framed bikes and features designed to enhance durability and performance, Kugel Mountain Bikes will allow for clean and well-timed rides for your journey. From pavement to trails, get out and ride a Kugel mountain bike for a durable and responsive riding experience on a variety of trails. 

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Kugel Mountain Bikes Review

Kugel Bikes Blackburn 29 inch Mountain Bike Review


The first Kugel bike that our team will review is the Blackburn 29 Inch Aluminium Mountain Bike. This bike is loaded with great features and is a good choice to enjoy many different types of terrains. For starters, this bike has a high quality aluminum 17 inch medium frame with a powerful Kugel suspension fork that soaks up any and all bumps and thumps on your ride. The bike’s 21 speed Shimano TZ trigger shifters combined with both front and rear Shimano derailleurs make it very easy and smooth to change the gears.

This bike comes equipped with 29 inch high quality wheels that will keep you high above the ground and allow for a great ride. This bike has front and rear mechanical disc brakes to help provide heavy stopping power to allow for a smooth halt on almost any trail. This Kugel bike comes with durable alloy cranks made by Schwinn to provide steady geary and no worry for any pesky maintenance. The best part is that this bike ships ready to be assembled and has a 5 year limited warranty on the frame and wheels. 

Kugel Bikes H-Hybrid 29 Inch Mountain Bike Review


The next bike in the Kugel line of bike’s that we’ll review is the H-Hybrid Mountain Bike. For starters, this bike has a high quality aluminum 17 inch medium frame and a powerful Kugel suspension fork that will soak up almost any and all bumps it comes across. The front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide an all condition stopping out on any trails and will keep you safe.

This bike comes equipped with 21 speed Shimano TZ trigger shifters and front and rear Shimano derailleurs to make changing gears smooth and easy. Lastly, this bike is just as tall as the last Kugel bike, coming equipped with 29 inch wheels to keep you high off muddy and wet trails. The H-Hybrid MTB is shipped ready to assemble with a 5 year limited warranty on the frame and wheels. 

Rainier Mountain Bike with 20 Inch Wheels Review


The next Kugel bike we will review is a kid’s bike that really stood out for our team. The Kugel Rainier 20 inch Mountain Bike is really a good choice for kids and young adults looking to make their way into the sport of mountain biking. This bike is great for riders looking to take on a variety of different terrains.

Coming equipped with 20-inch wheels and it’s sturdy steel frame this bike is sure fit for entry level riders just learning the sport. From hard concrete to bumpy / windy trails, the Rainier can last nearly all conditions when it comes to mountain biking. This bike comes equipped with mechanical brakes to ensure precision stopping power on almost any surface. Lastly, this bike has Shimano 21 speed gear shifters with Tourney front and rear derailleurs that allow for smooth, precise gear changes out on the trail. 

Rainier Mountain Bike with 26 Inch Wheels Review


The last Kugel bike our team will review is the Kugel Rainier 26 inch Mountain Bike. Just like it’s predecessor, this bike is great for young adults, however, given it’s bigger wheels we’ve seen this bike fit for some shorter heighted adults. For starters, this bike offers an exponential steel frame that’s durable for any tough courses you take on.

This bike’s 26-inch wheels have alloy rims giving it it’s lightweight strength and allowing for an all-terrain ride. Just like the kids version, this bike comes with mechanical brakes and a strong suspension fork to ensure a responsive riding experience on almost any terrain type. And just like the kid’s model of this bike, the Kugel 26-inch Rainier MTB comes equipped with Shimano 21 speed shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur to allow you to switch and adjust your gears easily no matter the trail you’re taking on.


Kugel mountain bikes come in all shapes, sizes and specifications. Without knowing the specific features, it’ll be hard to choose the right bike that is fit for you. Our team here has hand tested and rode a couple different Kugel mountain bikes and found that it is a very reliable brand choice for those looking to enjoy this extreme sport. With their hefty and sturdy frames to their strong a different sized wheel options, the Kugel bikes can really fit any type of body type and experienced to not experienced riders. Their bikes’ come with a reliable braking system to help keep you safe and are all equipped with Shimano gear shifters to allow for great adjustment on any run you’re taking on. For such a great price and good quality features, you’ll really get a bang for your buck and won’t be disappointed when you decide to go with a Kugel mountain bike. 


How much do the Kugel Rainier mountain bikes weigh?

The Kugel Rainier mountain bikes come in two different sizes – 20 inch and 26 inch. The each weigh 24 pounds (11 kg) and 33 pounds (15 kg) respectively

What colors does the Kugel Blackburn mountain bike come in?

The Kugel Blackburn mountain bikes come in 2 different color patterns – Black & Blue and Black & Gold.

What is the suspension type for the Kugel H-Hybrid mountain bike?

The suspension type for the Kugel H-Hybrid mountain bike is a front and rear lock-out suspension fork.

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