Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike Review

Your classic entry to mid-level mountain bike, the Mongoose Impasse is a high quality bike that is ideally suited for anyone looking to get into mountain biking or move on from their first ever mountain bike.

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Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike Review 


If you have read our 2021 Mongoose Buyers Guide, you will know that we felt that the Mongoose Impasse was the number one over all Mongoose brand bike. In this review we will go over the Mongoose Impasse in detail so that you can get the complete picture as to why we feel this is such a great bike. Obviously at its price point of around $500 the Impasse is not going to have the most high-end components in the world, however in our eyes that is not the only thing that makes a bike good. We believe that it is our duty to review not only the top of the line bikes, but the affordable every day bikes, and find the best bike we can for you.

Our Thoughts on the Core Components 


When it comes to mountain biking at anything but an extremely beginner level, brakes are probably the most important component to first look at when deciding whether or not to buy a bike.  Often times lower priced bikes will choose grip or caliper brakes to save money and while it is true that they are less expensive, the trade off in quality, durability and safety is tremendous. The Mongoose Impasse come with high quality disc brakes which will last you far longer and provide much better stopping power to ensure that you can stop efficiently while out on the trail. Some of you that have read our other review may now be thinking, “Mechanical disc brakes? I thought you guys said Hydraulic Disc Brakes are the best in the business!”. Yes, you are definitely correct, the quality of hydraulic disc brakes is unmatched however, for a more entry level bike the difference in price between mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic disc brakes is not something that we feel is all too important. 

Frame and Wheels


Moving on to the frame and wheels, the Mongoose Impasse is made of a lightweight aluminum frame that is 18 inches and has 29 inch wheels. This makes the Mongoose Impasse a slightly larger than average mountain bike, however with the adjustable seat even our shortest team member had no trouble riding the bike (he is 5’ 5” tall by the way). Being made of aluminum this bike is lighter than some other similarly priced bikes that are made of steel, and with the advances in materials technology aluminum has become extremely durable so you won’t need to worry about your bike not holding up to the wear and tear of continued use. 


Finally the 21 speed, Shimano Tourney TX rear derailleur. If you know anything about bike components you will feel better immediately reading the name Shimano. The worldwide leader in biking parts Shimano has been making the highest quality components from brakes, to chains, to derailleurs since their inception in 1921. While most high end bikes are made with exclusively Shimano parts a majority of lower priced bikes opt not to use Shimano due to their higher prices. It was nice to see that the derailleur, one of the most integral parts of the mountain bike was Shimano. After test riding and gear switching the Shimano Tourney TX performed beautifully, changing gears up and down very quickly and with little to no clicking sounds like some lower quality derailleurs make. 

Overall Quality

As with most bikes there are improvements that can be made if you so desire, however for the price you are paying, the components that come standard on the Mongoose Impasse are excellent and if you so wish any and all of them could be replaced. In our opinion the only thing that would be worth a true upgrade may be the disc brakes so that you could be more confident on much steeper incline and declines, however for the average rider the standard disc brakes are more than sufficient. 

The Mongoose Impasse is not the most expensive or fancy bike in the world, we will be the first to admit that. However we choose it as the number one Mongoose brand bike because of what you are getting for what you paid. This bike is around $500 and we feel that Mongoose could easily charge upwards of $900 for this bike and it would still sell. We try and find the best bikes for their price range so that you can save money, ride well, and enjoy the wonderous sport that is mountain biking without breaking the bank. 

Pros and Cons 


  • High quality bike and components 
  • Lightweight, high performance mountain bike great for beginner and intermediate mountain biker’s
  • One of the best bikes in terms of quality compared to price that you will find on the market today
  • Produce by Mongoose one of the oldest and most well respected names in mountain biking 


  • Although high quality, some components, such as the disc brakes, could be replaced to provide better performance
  • Larger mountain bike that may be difficult to ride for a smaller (shorter than 5’ 5”) rider 
  • Only one frame size limits your options as to the size of bike you want


If you have read our 2021 Mongoose brand buyers guide you will know that the Mongoose Impasse is our #1 Mongoose brand bike. For the price that you are paying we feel that there is no better bike in terms of quality of its components, and its riding performance. Obviously if you want to spend a significantly higher amount of money you will be able to buy a better mountain bike, however at this price range, and even slightly above you will be hard pressed to find a better bike for you money. We would recommend this bike any beginner or intermediate level mountain biker who is looking to dive into the world of mountain biking or simply is looking to get a new, high quality bike. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Mongoose Impasse a good bike?

Since 1974 Mongoose has been making high quality mountain bikes and are known throughout the world for their bike’s performance. The Mongoose Impasse is no exception and is a great mountain bike for beginners and intermediate mountain bikers alike.

How tall to I have to be to ride the Mongoose Impasse?

With an 18 inch frame and 29 inch wheels the recommended height for the Mongoose Impasse is between 5’7” and 6’1” however there is no hard and fast rule, with the adjustable seat anyone that is taller than 5’4” should have no problem riding this bike.

What type of suspension does the Mongoose Impasse have?

The Mongoose Impasse is a hard tail suspension fork bike, which means it has one point of suspension in the front of the bike. This is the most common form of suspension for mountain bikes of all levels. 

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