Mongoose Switchback Expert Mountain Bike Review

There’s nothing like feeling the rush of accomplishing an uphill or downhill trail with your mountain bike. One of the mountain bikes that could get you there without having to strain too much effort is the Mongoose Switchback Expert Adult Mountain Bike. This bike, as told from the name, is a great bike for those looking to find themselves immersed in the extremeness of this sport.

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Mongoose Switchback Expert Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Switchback Expert Mountain Bike comes with amazing features and dimensions that make it a very viable option for a good mountain bike. This bike has a lot of unique qualities that we’ll help you understand to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Lightweight Frame 

Let’s start off with the heart of the bike, its sturdy yet lightweight frame is built with tectonic T1 aluminium. This makes it lighter than most other mountain bikes and is cheaper than carbon frames. This bike’s frame really makes all the difference when riding, especially when riding uphill. A heavy weighty frame only makes it even more daunting when going uphill. The Mongoose Switchback Frame is made out of aluminum giving it a lighter weight that won’t rust and can be carried around anywhere. 


Next on this bike is its impressive gearing system. Gears make all the difference when riding, whether uphill, downhill or even on flat roads. A good gear set to the right level eases the riding experience, especially when mounting. The Mongoose Switchback Expert Mountain Bike comes equipped with the Shimano Tourney being the budget version of the Shimano brand. The Shimano Tourney derailleurs and shifters offer the most ideal experience when changing gears. Whatever type of mountain biker you are, this gearing system is very reliable. 


It won’t do you any good if you have great gears without great brakes. This bike comes with mechanical disc brakes which is ideal for stopping at even the highest of speeds that you’d go. You’ll love how smooth the stoppage is when you use these brakes and not an abrupt stop compared to low quality bikes on the market.

Cable Routing 

The Mongoose Switchback Expert Mountain Bike has a sleek look that stands out due to it’s internal cable routing. This internal cabling gives the bike a very sophisticated, yet neat look. Besides just the looks, the internal cabling on this bike helios keep the wires from fraying and rusting, and thus ultimately failing.

24 Different Speeds 

An essential component that assists with slowing down or speeding up your bike is it’s 3 x 8 Drivetrain. The Mongoose Switchback Expert Mountain Bike has a streamlined gearing system which gives the bike 24 speed options to choose from. The 3 x 8 drivetrain provides a smooth gear change to ultimately help control the speed of your bike and ride. You will notice how effective the drivetrain is as you are climbing up or speeding down a mountainside and maintaining your pace while keeping control of yourself and the bike.


This mountain bike also comes equipped with a 9 x 135 mm QR thru-axles that is compatible with all the older version QR frame dropouts. This means that the newer 5 mm versions can be converted to the 9 mm version with little effort and with end cap adapter kits. Just in case you have a change of heart, this makes it the most adaptable and flexible version of the axles.

Tires and Rims 

To tackle the rigged and treacherous conditions of mountain biking, you’ll need strong, durable rims that can withstand almost any trail out there. The Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike comes with 24’ x 2.1” tires giving the biker flexibility to handle tough terrains and stunts like dirt jumping. To keep the bike sturdy and strong, the double-wall rims lend it the strength to withstand extreme conditions and remain unharmed from any damage.


This mountain bike’s cranks are three-piece aluminum making it built to be stronger than one-piece cranks, ultimately making the bearings, spindles, and races that are associated with the cranks last longer. The material used allows it to be stronger than most other cranks on the market and definitely last longer on the Mongoose Switchback Expert MTB.


Last but not least come the handlebars on this bike. This bike’s handlebars are made out of aluminum giving it an edge over carbon handlebars in that it has the extra durability that aluminum brings to the table. These handlebars perform better under duress, so if you were to ever crash they will not disappoint. Even though they weigh more, they cost less than the carbon handlebar counterparts. 


Mongoose offers an awesome five-year warranty for this bike, so you can feel confident knowing if there’s any defects that you’ll easily get a replacement!



  • There are a good number of speed options for this mountain bike.
  • Even though it is not the lightest bike, it is light enough for mountains.
  • The biker can guarantee more control and power when braking since this bike has mechanical disc brakes that you can rely on.
  • The build of the Mongoose Switchback Expert Mountain Bike is sturdy, reliable, and robust. It is very functional and will please the rider for the price you’re getting it for.
  • For its price, this bike is very good and will last you long.


  • The aluminum frame makes it a bit heavier than other bikes which are made with carbon frames.
  • The Mongoose Switchback Expert Mountain Bike’s internal cabling makes it more difficult to service, clean, and maintain. 

Final Verdict on the Mongoose Switchback

All in all, the Mongoose Switchback is a pretty solid bike and we’re fans. It’s got a good balance of performance and power while also not being too heavy, or crazy expensive. It’s a great mid-tier option for folks seeking a versatile, well-designed mountain bike that won’t break the bank. And like always, Mongoose offers great customer service and warranty guarantees. We definitely recommend the Mongoose Switchback Expert mountain bike for beginners and experts alike.


Does the Mongoose Switchback Expert Mountain Bike come with a kickstand?

No, this bike does not come with a kickstand. It will need to be purchased separately.

How much weight can the Mongoose Switchback Expert Mountain Bike hold?

This bike can hold about 250 pounds. The bike’s warranty supports only up to that weight. We recommend heavy riders to use at your own risk. 

What is the size of the Mongoose Switchback Expert Mountain Bike’s frame?

This bike comes with the options of a small, medium, and large size frame. 

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