Sirdar S-700 Mountain Bike Review

Choosing a mountain bike is far and away the most important step towards loving the wonderful sport of downhill mountain biking. Pick the wrong bike and you may be turned off from the sport forever, pick the right bike on the other hand and you will fall in love with the thrill of flying down mountain paths and exploring the wilderness. If you have read some of our previous reviews you know that our team at Mountain Bikes Lab loves the Sirdar brand, and the Sirdar S-700 is no exception. After reading this review we have no doubt that you will want to try the Sirdar S-700 out for yourself.

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Sirdar S-700 Review 


In the Sirdar S-700, review we will discuss the best features of the Sirdar S-700 downhill mountain bike. This bike has excellent features especially for a more inexperienced rider including an durable aluminum frame, a high quality 27 speed derailleur system, a very easy assembly experience, and excellent customer support and warranty protection.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

Unlike some beginner bikes which are made of heavy cumbersome steel, the Sirdar S-700 is made of an extremely light weight, durable, aluminum alloy frame. This make the bike very light weight, easily maneuverable, and effortless for a beginner to ride. Steel frame bikes are cheaper than aluminum however they are much heavier which can be quick frustrating for a beginner biker who may not have the leg strength to move a heavy bike for a long ride. Even for an experienced rider steel frames are less than idea. Aluminum alloy frames like the one on the Sirdar S-700 are exactly what any level downhill mountain biker would want to have on their bike, and thankfully Sirdar never settles for low quality when it comes to their frames. Every Sirdar bike has a top of the line frame which will stand up to the strains of downhill mountain biking.

26 Inch Tires

The Sirdar S-700 does not have large tires. With a diameter of 26 inches the Sirdar S-700 tires are slightly smaller than the typically 27.5 inch mountain bike tires. However, the Sirdar S-700 is geared more towards a younger mountain bikers and sometimes smaller tires can be nice for smaller riders. Being higher in the air can be quite intimidating especially for someone not used to mountain biking however our testing team still believes that 27.5 inch or even 29 inch tires, like those on the Sirdar S-800 would perform better for this bike. For that reason we believe that the Sirdar S-800 and the Sirdar S-900 are both superior to the Sirdar S-700.

Extremely Easy Assembly

The Sirdar S-700 is extremely easy to assemble. The bike is 95% preassembled when it arrives which is amazing. As we have said many times before, our team loves working with Sirdar bikes as they are so simple to put together, especially when compared to the assembly of other bikes which are much, much harder.

27 Speed Premium Derailleur

The Sirdar S-700 comes equip with the classic three gear front, nine gear rear derailleur, giving the rider a full range of 27 different speeds to choose from. This enables you to ride on any and all surfaces and tackle steep inclines or quick descending mountain paths with ease. With an extremely intuitive gear shifting mechanism going from gear to gear is a breeze and makes the riding experience that much more enjoyable when you do not have to worry and you derailleurs not working as intended. 

High Quality Sirdar Customer Service 

Well known in the world of downhill mountain biking for their excellent customer service, Sirdar is unique in this day and age where getting someone on the phone can be so difficult. The owner of a Sirdar S-700 can put all their worries to rest knowing that any problem they may encounter will be resolved for by a Sirdar customer service professional. For a year after you purchase your bike, Sirdar will provide complete solutions to any and all problems that you might encounter. These days, quality customer service can be tough to come by, but Sirdar makes sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed. Their professionals will answer all your questions, and make sure that every problem you might have with your bike is dealt with in a quick and efficient manner. An underrated part of any purchasing experience, customer service can be a make or break feature of any company and Sirdar has proven to us time and time again that their service is top of the line. 


Like other Sirdar bikes that we have reviewed, the Sirdar S-700 lives up to the hype and is a beautiful, high quality mountain bike. Reasonably priced it is an excellent beginner mountain bike especially for younger, smaller riders. If you are an experienced biker or are a larger adult we cannot recommend this as the right bike for you, however for its targeted audience the Sirdar S-700 with 26 inch wheels is an excellent bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right height and weight for someone riding the Sirdar S-700?

The recommended height is 5’2”- 5‘7” with a maximum weight of 264 pounds. 

Are the wheels of the Sirdar S-700 difficult to put on?

No, assembling the Sirdar S-700 is extremely easy, our team had no trouble putting it together and if you do run into issues there is an assembly video which walks through every step of the process. 

Is Sirdar a good mountain bike brand?

Sirdar produces high quality and reasonably priced mountain bikes and although they may not produce the absolute best mountain bikes you cannot go wrong with the Sirdar S-700, especially if you are a newer biker looking to get into the sport of downhill mountain biking. 


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