A Mountain Bike is not a Bike without Mountain Bike Tires

When you were a child, the chances are that the last thing you ever thought of was your bicycle tires. It was all about getting where you wanted to go, as well as how your bike looked. However, you certainly could not get where you were going, nor would your bike look so nice, without those bicycle tires!

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Taking Care of Your Mountain Bike Tires

Have you ever taken the time as an adult to inspect the status of your mountain bike tires? If you are now an avid cyclist, you probably have. However, if you still are just the kind of person who only rides your bicycle occasionally, you probably have had little reason to inspect the bicycle tires, but now is the time to do so!

A Mountain Bike is not a Bike without Mountain Bike Tires

First of all, there are the rims. Just like on cars, some mountain bike lovers like to get customized rims. The main function of the rims is to support the outer circumference of the bicycle tires. After all, without them, the tires would just be a ring of rubber that could not support human weight.

Next, there are the spokes. These connect the inner part of the rims and serve as extra reinforcement for the bicycle tires. Again, some people like to customize these as well. However, it should be noted that the spokes should be kept clear of any string-like material because it can end up getting caught and dragging, which can cause a safety issue.

Something you must have noticed on your bicycle tires are the treads. These little tentacle-like pieces are meant to give traction when riding the bicycle. If you notice that your bicycle tires do not have them anymore, this means that your tires are now “bald” and should be replaced.

When your first purchase a mountain bike, you should also purchase a bicycle tire repair kit. This usually consists of a bicycle air pump to refill the air in the tires (air can be depleted with infrequent use and with the change in temperatures) and a patch for if there is a puncture in the tire.

If you find that you need to replace a tire, you need only check the model of your bicycle to see what kind of tire it requires. You should be able to purchase new tires from the place that you purchased your bike from. For more information on various kinds of mountain bike tires, simply inquire at your local bike repair shop. You are sure to find the right bicycle tires for you with the proper research.

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