The 5 Best Mountain Bike Seatpost Reviews with Buying Guide

The classic seatpost is the component that is used to fix the saddle to the frame. It mainly has two purposes. It allows a correct adjustment of the cyclist’s position on the bike. Another one is to provide a greater degree of comfort. The MTB frames have sloping because the seat post flexes and makes it more comfortable. Here’s the quick answer for your selection, list of top 5 mountain bike seatpost;

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Cycling is a sequence of aspects to improve the technique for handling the bicycle. You have to make sure to adapt the body position acting correctly during pedaling. We will show you some tips in our posts to help you choose the right mountain bike dropper post for you.

How Does a Mountain Bike Seatpost Work?

The mountain bike seatpost works by pressing a knob. That is located under the saddle or like many other models on the handlebar. As a result, the saddle lowers thanks to the weight of the cyclist.

The height and position of the seatpost can customize due to a hydraulic system. You can adjust the height of the saddle to a suitable size for the effects of a correct pedaling. It is enough to stand up and press the control. So the bicycle dropper post returns to your usual height and height.

A bicycle seatpost is also known as a tube usually made of aluminum or steel. That has the function of joining the saddle with the seat tube of the bicycle. This piece provides greater stability and safety to the athlete when moving on terrains that sting down.

The mountain bike seatpost allows the descent with determination, balance, and grip. It is especially in the curves due to its center of gravity. The function of the mountain bicycle seatpost is to modify the height of the seat while it is running without breaking the bike.

Types of Seatpost

i. Mechanical Seatposts

This type of seatposts does not consist of hydraulic pistons, oil, or seals. So it requires less maintenance. On the contrary, these seatposts present a limitation.

It provides only a fixed intermediate position during the route. When talking about the speed of return. Mechanical seatposts are more rigid but can be controlled through air pressure. Its cost is much cheaper because of the lack of certain elements of precision.

ii. Hydraulic Seatposts

As a point in favor of these dropper posts, is the height. It can be modified gradually and with extreme precision to place them in intermediate positions. Hydraulic dropper posts can easily fail and demand maintenance that is more complex.

In relation to the return of the saddle, it is worth noting that it is much softer and more progressive. Its cost is much higher due to the complexity of the system and its operation.

Best MTB Dropper Seatpost Review in Detail

1. Crank Brothers Highline Dropper Seatpost

Rolling on a bicycle without rear suspension is not comfortable. Especially considering that in the market, you can find different solutions to avoid it. The Crank Brothers Highline Dropper post is an aluminum seatpost.

The system works by absorbing the force produced by the rear wheel when overcoming an obstacle to minimize the movement of the saddle.

It can reduce the impacts of the cyclist’s butt. Therefore, it helps to improve flexibility. That integrates with 25 mm of travel. The declared weight of the seatposts remains at 580 grams. It is ideal for mounting on rigid mountain, road, ride, and for folding bicycles.

Everything is subjective, but they bring a spectacular touch to our bicycle.


  1. Servicing or replacement is easy
  2. It has Self-contained hydraulic cartridge which is leading reliability and best quality.
  3. It contained quick connect mechanism for ever cable installation system.
  4. This seatpost allows us to move up and down. Therefore, adapt our bike completely according to the type of driving.
  5. It has unique round adjustment
  6. With single-bolt locking device, you can rotate it 360° and up to 22° tilt


  1. The weight penalty is a fact in this Dropper post
  2. It is not out of maintenance

2. DNM Mountain Bike Dropper Seatpost

DNM Seatpost provides safety down steep slopes. It allows you to vary the seat height on the fly without getting off the bike. It has passed in a few years from being a very exclusive component. That is to be something popular on any bicycle. The main advantage is to provide safety by lowering the height.

The center of gravity is maintained without having to get off the bike to lower the seatpost. The use is almost impressible in routes. Here some Dropper Seatpost size is available like 30.9mm x 330mm, 31.6mm x 330mm. You can choose 34.9mm x 330mm dropper seatpost. DNM Mountain Bike Dropper Seatpost has double usage life. This model is much better than the old model.


  1. It allows you to set the seatpost at you desire height.
  2. This seatpost provides greater stability and safety to the biker when moving on terrains that sting down.
  3. Push button is very smooth
  4. Easy to set up
  5. You can start quick sprint before dropping again
  6. It has proper Gravity Dropper design.


  1. There is a probability of potential problem of mechanical failure due to its misuse.
  2. It requires maintenance

3. Cascade Dropper Post

Cascade Dropper Post

The cascade dropper post of the brand provides more safety and reliability. It is very effective for Mountain Bike. It has become a fashion in the current mountain bike. A few years ago, just a couple of brands had seatposts available the market. Now the market offers us many of models Dropper Posts.

Below we offer a brief summary of the main offer of the market they are not all but the vast majority. To clean cable routing it has a fixed external routing at the mid-cap. The cascade dropper post presents 65 mm of travel usually. The travel can be increased from 120 mm to 125 mm. It is a routed cable 125 mm-travel dropper post along with an overall length of 406 mm.


  1. It offers greater security and control
  2. This seatpost allows the descent with determination, balance, and grip.
  3. It allows you to spear your weight around the bicycle
  4. The level of adjustability is high with the help of technological development of dropper posts.
  5. It is appropriate for both beginner or intermediate mountain biker
  6. It is suitable for those bikers who want to make jump


  1. Cascade Dropper Post Price is slightly high then other dropper posts
  2. Sometimes the Cascade Dropper Post need to repair

4. PNW Components Bachelor Dropper Seat Post

The PNW Components Bachelor can save us from shaking. It is a difference from normal dropper posts. A PNW Components Bachelor Dropper Seat Post is the ones expands depending on of the biker’s needs. If we stop the march and lower or raise the saddle, we will achieve the same effect.

Be sure to use the correct size cartridge for the post’s corresponding amount of travel. Regular maintenance will help maintain performance and extend lifetime. Read the service manual for replacement instructions.


  1. With the handlebar, you can set lower or raise the saddle of your mountain bike.
  2. You can adjust your seat position according to the terrain you’re riding.
  3. At complicated area, this seatpost hold back your movements and puts the balance at risk.
  4. The mechanism is very easy to install.
  5. It is especially in the curves to keep the balance of center of gravity.
  6. This Dropper Seat Post last for a long time.


  1. You need count a stander amount to buy it
  2. Sometimes you need to face with an expert if don’t have sufficient idea about this Dropper Seat Post

5. Kindshock Kind Shock eTen Remote Height Adjust Post

Kindshock Kind Shock eTen Remote Height Adjust Post have exactly the same function as any other dropper posts. So the question is what functionality provides the telescopic seatposts?

The seatposts allow to increase and down the height of the saddle without interrupting the march.


  1. This Dropper Seat Post makes special technical features like drops and jumps, steep chutes etc.
  2. With this hydraulic dropper post, you can increase your Mountain bike’s capabilities
  3. With this Dropper Posts, you can go through areas that you were only able to walk before.
  4. You don’t need to stop your ridding while you want to change the seat position.
  5. It is perfect for any completed road


  1. This Dropper Seat Post Weight higher than other seat posts
  2. It is expensive
  3. Without black color, there is no option to choose another color.

Practical Advice to Buy Best Dropper Post

Now you know how dropper posts work and the types exist. We will find out which dropper post to buy. So that it is suitable for our modality and style of bicycle.

i. Route of the road post

If the technique when riding a bicycle is not good, then the route must be longer to achieve more margins. Even, in the bikers with experience, the routes oscillate between 100-110 mm, a suitable distance.

ii. The diameter of the seatpost

The measures of the seatposts in cycling are variants and they range from 21.15 mm to 31.80 mm. Check the size of the frame. It is also important to place a spacer in such a way that the seat post can be fixed properly.

iii. Seat adjustment

Due to the anchoring of some seatposts saddle advancement varies. Some come with the fixation delayed. You should keep in mind it before buying the seatpost.

iv. Wiring system

An unfavorable aspect of the mtb seatposts is that they consist of a very long cable that can cause “snagging” at any time of travel.

Recommendations Before Installing a Mountain Bike Seatpost

a. Aluminum stem

You may have problems with the tightening of the seatpost due to excessive slack. It is important to avoid tightening the closure tightly. Ideally, place the slot of the lock washer just with the slot in the frame for more control and precision.

The seatposts must be greased regularly to avoid inconveniences when adjusting or removing it. It must comply with the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid faults.

b. For Carbon seatposts

This type of seatposts cannot have contact with grease or oil. The advisable thing is to clean it frequently of these chemists so that they do not affect the tightening. It is important to choose a sufficient measure of the seatpost.

Check the tolerance level exists between the vertical tube and the seatpost are the correct ones. Sometimes it is necessary to modify the length of the dropper posts. It is important to handle it by a qualified person.


There are some certain things need to keep in your bag. You only know that you need them when you have been fixing your bike for a while. Among them, we can highlight rags to clean grease, the sandpaper of different grades, bridles.

We will finish this review with another one of the most delicate areas with the rear change. Pay attention that the whole set is clean, well greased. Check that the change caps are correct.

Make sure it is adjusted properly to the bike. That looking from behind, the two shift wheels and the geared pinion are in a straight line. If not, check that the pin or toe is not bent. We hope you have this article that will be helpful for you especially for choosing a dropper post.

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