Nashbar Single-Speed 29er Mountain Bike Review

If one wants a bike that is both sturdy for occasional rides on rough terrains and long rides on city roads, the Nashbar Single-Speed 29er Mountain Bike is just about perfect for this. The bike sports a list of features that depicts strength and reliability and ease of usage.

This bike may not be the one, if, one is looking for professional mtb below $500 and for sport purposes. But nevertheless this bike has multiple abilities and bends more on easy operation and reliability.

Coming in pocket friendly budget, the Nashbar Single-Speed 29er Mountain Bike review below will help one determine if this bike is the one they need.

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Nashbar Single-Speed 29er Mountain Bike Review with Detail Features

a) Aluminum Alloy Frame

Bicycles mostly apply metal alloy frame for durability in the structure. Among them, aluminum alloy framing is the preferred choice among both the manufacturers and users.

The reason being: Aluminum alloys are lighter and more durable. Aluminum frames are also resistant to a varied amount of corrosion which results from weather or other factors. The Nashbar single speed mountain bike’s frame is made from 6061 Aluminum alloys.

This renders great strength and also makes it resistant to weather conditions.

b) Single Speed

While gears are good for controlling speeds, they are more of a style statement on city roads. With single speed bikes, the story is entirely different though and it does have its own advantages.

With single speed bikessingle speed bikes, there are no gears and hence no need to keep one’s mind invested on gear change. One can speed up and down with required paddling. Another advantage is, maintenance issues are hugely reduced.

No derailleurs and shifters to care for and clean after every ride on muddy terrains. No frequent servicing needed due to damaged derailleurs and crank sets. Also, no tuning required for gears.

c) Disc Brakes

Though vertical caliper brake would have sufficed, Nashbar thought of increasing the security part one level further. Disc brakes offer enhanced protection and one can rely on the functionality of disc brakes more than caliper brakes which may fail if not cared for properly.

Disc brakes though hard to maintain and tune up excels when it comes to safety standard. Nashbar applies dual disc brakes, i.e. disc brakes on both front and rear wheels. The disc brakes that come with this bike are mechanical in nature.

d) 29 inch Wheels

Bigger wheels are always an attractive feature for most bike enthusiasts out there. Though the bigger the wheel size, the better control one needs at high speeds on rugged terrain.

Looking at the fact that this bike is more of a multi-purpose bike than a hardcore mountain sport bike, this is of advantage. Also, this helps the rides out and cancels out the compromising factor of absence of gears on the bicycle.

Moreover the wheels are fitted with WTB nano tires which provide excellent grip on road and can easily handle any terrain.

e) Adjustable Seat Height and Chain Guards

The adjustable seat height is another factor that makes this bike suitable for most leg length. While the frame is of standard size, the height of the seat can be plenty adjustable. This helps in fitting riders of various physical aspects without compromising.

The chain guard provided is actually a circular disc that sits between the chain disc and the pedal joining. This has a simple but good advantage. It helps the user ride worry free with full pants without getting them stuck on the chain set.


  • 6061 Aluminum alloy frame adds durability, lightweight and corrosion resistance factor to the bike’s body.
  • It is equipped with “TektroNovela” mechanical disc brakes on both front and rear.
  • 29 inch WTB wheels offer great traction and can pick up speed easily.
  • Adjustable seat height.
  • Chain Guard provided.


  • No gears available. It is a single speed 32×18 capable bike.
  • No suspension available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Does the bike come partly assembled?

A) No, The bike does not come assembled.

Q) Are there any instruction manual provided on the bike assembling?

A) Unfortunately, no instruction manuals are provided, but one with some knowledge in bike parts can be able to assemble the bike.


The above Nashbar Single-Speed 29er Mountain Bike review suggests that this bike is not suitable for hardcore mountain trail riding for sport purposes.

Still this bike is a more preferred option for people who want a city transportation and occasional rugged terrain riding for entertainment. Other than that, the bike is almost perfect when it comes to good built quality and safety. It is also easy to maintain.

The Nashbar SS 29er is a budget bike when considered according to specs, it managed to incorporate as much quality components and Nashbar did a very good job at it.

Check Out the Nashbar Single-Speed 29er Mountain Bike

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