Diamondback Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike Review

Diamondback, one of the leading manufacturers of MTBs, has introduced yet another entry level mountain bike that is budget friendly and offers good features.

Their mountain bikes have been proven of great track record, performance and reliability among a large user base. So, there is no worrying factor if the product will meet the guidelines specified or not.

The below Diamondback Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike Review will go through a series of description and information about this bike which will shed enough light and let one decide if this bike is suitable for their purpose.

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Diamondback Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Review with Detail Features

a) Durable Heat Treated Aluminum Frame

Aluminum frame is the component of choice in many high-end bikes since it is lighter and offers great strength. The Diamondback Sorrento has the frame built with aluminum alloy and heat treated to offer great durability and resistance to tough usage.

No matter how much the frame is put to use, it is surely going to hold its own. This also has the benefit of reduced weight and thus the bike weighs less than 40 pounds which is indeed considered lightweight among mountain bikes.

b) Wheel Size at 27.5 inch Provides More Stability

With varying wheel sizes available, it is sometimes hard to select and depends on the user. Larger wheel sizes such as 29-inch wheels are good for picking up speed but when rugged terrains are encountered, it is very hard to maneuver.

While in case of smaller wheel sizes, they can easily be maneuvered in bumpy terrains without much effort. With the 27.5-inch wheel size, both the situations are taken care of enabling the user with the advantage of easily picking up speed and also keeping the ride under control.

c) 7 speed Shimano Gears

Gears have been both a style statement and also a necessity. While they hardly come in use while city riding but rough terrain rides have full use of gears. The thing is, gears help in speed and balance control.

The necessary speed changes are provided by Shimano gears and derailleurs in the Sorrento Mountain Bike. The 7-speed gear shifters work flawlessly with the derailleurs and it is very smooth in operation. Also, the derailleur hanger is replaceable adding to the flexibility in the bikes usage and maintenance.

d) Safety of Linear Brakes

When it comes to bicycles, one should not compromise with safety. In mountain bikes, various brake systems are offered to range from linear brakes to disc brakes.

While disc brakes are effective and slightly more reliable, they can be hard to maintain and tune by an inexperienced person. Linear brakes offer good safety with ease of maintenance and even with slight skill or knowledge, one can tune up a linear brake easily. The Sorrento is equipped with front and rear linear brakes.

e) Front Suspension with 60mm Travel

The suspension of a mountain bike is primarily geared towards the comfort of the rider. This MTB is equipped with front suspension to absorb bumpy terrain rides with ease.

The Trail XC front suspension installed in this vehicle has 60mm travel which provides good amount of bump and ditch handling with ease. Also, the suspension fork is adjusted perfectly to most type of usage and terrain condition so that it is not hard and not soft either.

The amount of comfort expected from Trail XC suspensions never fails a user since they are one of the preferred parts manufacturers for most mountain bikes.

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  • Lightweight and heat treated aluminum body frame is durable and ready for rugged usage.
  • 27.5-inch wheels offer great control and speed pickup is also easy.
  • Comes with 7 speed Shimano gears and derailleurs.
  • The derailleur hanger is replaceable.
  • Front and rear linear brakes provide good safety.
  • The front suspension is a comfortable one with 60mm travel.
  • The bike can be upgraded easily and hence can offer good ride experience.


  • Some people have reported of pedal malfunction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) What is the weight of the bike?

A) The weight of the final assembled bike with the stock parts is less than 40 pounds.

Q) What sizes are the bikes available in?

A) The bikes are available in small, medium and large sizes. The small being 16 inches and the large is at 20 inches.


With different brands of bikes available in the market, Diamondback has been the choice for a large amount of users for their reputation of making great mountain bikes.

The Diamondback Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike Review above has gone through a series of information about the bike’s features which will help a user decide if this is the right bike for him.

With respect to the specifications, this is one of the entry level mountain bikes that has both great quality and also comes within acceptable budget range.

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