Rambo Krusader 500 Watt Electric Hunting Bike Review 

The Rambo Krusader was originally released in mid 2020, and was the first all-wheel drive (AWD) electric hunting bike to hit the market. Possessing excellent power, and range, the Rambo Krusader changed the way that people looked and electric hunting bikes, and firmly established Rambo bikes as both and innovator and leader in the electric hunting bike space. In this Rambo Krusader electric hunting bike review, we will go over all of the main features of this bike, along with some of what makes Rambo the number one electric hunting bike company in the world. 

Rambo Krusader Electric Hunting Bike Review 

Rambo Krusader Review


Founded in 2015, Rambo Electric Bikes, which has its headquarters in Lakeville, Minnesota, has quickly emerged at the forefront of electric bike technology and performance. Originally designed for the outdoor hunter in mind, Rambo electric bikes has grown significantly and produces bikes for every type of outdoor lover. Building their bikes with the slogan of “Know No Limits” in mind, Rambo employees enthusiastic outdoor lovers who want to create the perfect bike for exploring nature in an efficient and exciting way The all-wheel drive of the Rambo Krusader has since been adopted by other electric hunting bike companies, in addition to other bikes in the Rambo inventory, and is a favorite among riders for its excellent climbing power. 

Dual 500 Watt Bafang Motors

The heart and soul of an all-wheel drive electric hunting bike is its motors and the Rambo Krusader certainly possesses top of the line components in this department. Powered by dual 500 watt Bafang motors which are placed in both the front and back hub, the Rambo Krusader has a combined power rating of 1000 watts and a peak power rating that can reach up to 1500 watts. This extra power gained by having two motors will allow you to climb steep mountains, push through snow or sand, and glide through water without an issue. Most electric bikes in the industry are powered by only one hub motor, usually placed on the back hub, but a good amount of Rambo electric hunting bikes are all-wheel drive with dual motors. 

In addition to being extremely powerful, these dual 500 watt motors are shockingly quiet, when our team tested out the bike you could not hear the motor while riding. Advertised as being “whisper quite”, the Rambo Krusader more than lives up to our expectations with its state-of-the-art single speed gear drivetrain. With only one speed there is no need for a derailleur which is quite noisy even on an electric bike, and with their high-tech design, Rambo has created a single speed electric hunting bike that is exceptionally quite, perfect for the outdoor hunter, or simply someone who is looking to enjoy a peaceful ride through the wilderness. One downside to a single speed electric bike however, is that there is no way to make your ride easier besides using the bikes motor.

While this is clearly the point of an electric bike, it is important to know that if your bike runs out of power you will be stuck pedaling in one gear which couldbe difficult if you encounter hills. Thankfully, the Rambo Krusader, like all Rambo electric hunting bikes, has an excellent Samsung lithium ion battery which will almost certainly have the range to get you wherever you need to go on its charge alone. 

Samsung 48 Volt Lithium Ion Battery 

As we just mentioned, the Rambo Krusader gets is power from a single Samsung 48 volt, 14 amp hour, lithium ion battery. This battery give the bike an effective electric range of up to 38 miles, however it can go significantly farther than this if you pedal. Like all of the other electric bikes that we review here, we tested the batter on the Rambo Krusader to ensure that it worked as advertised, because some companies supply less than stellar batteries with their electric bikes.

Thankfully, like all other Rambo batteries that we have tested this battery passed with flying colors, testing within 0.1 amp hours during each of the three tests that we ran. Lithium ion batteries are quickly becoming the industry standard for electric bikes due to their superior power output to weight ratios. This gives your electric bike more efficient power, leading to a bigger effective electric range for your bike.

Rambo is dedicated to providing the best components for every level of electric bike that they offer, which is why Samsung Lithium ion batteries are a mandatory component for not just the Rambo Krusader, but all of Rambo’s electric hunting bikes. 

Rambo Krusader Review 2


Logan Hydraulic Disc Brakes 


As we have said in numerous different reviews, including the Rambo Megatron electric hunting bike review, Hydraulic disc brakes are the best-of-the-best when it comes to brake technology. Although not as sexy as the motor, or as eye catching as a sleek camo paint job, brakes are some of the most important components of any bike, electric or otherwise. Shimano is the most well-known company in the world of brakes and derailleurs however some competitors, mainly Tektro and Logan have begun competing for the spot of number one.

Some Rambo bikes have Shimano, some have Tektro, and some, like the Krusader have Logan hydraulic disc brakes. Of these three companies Logan is most certainly the least well known, and unfortunately our team also believes them to be the worst of the three. We are not sure why Rambo chooses different hydraulic disc brakes for their different electric bike models, however if you are unhappy with the performance of your Logan brakes we recommend switching them for Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, which will never let you down. 

World Class Customer Service 

One of the more underappreciated aspects of any online retail experience is the customer service. If you have read our Sirdar S-900 review, which is one of the best up and coming traditional downhill mountain bikes, you will know that Sirdar is known for having some of the best customer service in the mountain biking industry, which helps them stand out from other producers. Likewise, Rambo is known throughout in the electric hunting bike industry for the world class customer service. As a customer it can sometimes be extremely difficult and frustrating trying to contact customer service to try and get an answer to a question or simply speak to a real human being.

With Rambo none of the typical customer service problems ever have occurred with our team. The Rambo team will always respond in a timely and efficient manner helping you solve any and all problems that you might encounter with your Rambo electric hunting bike. Additionally they have a phone number where you can talk to a real person five days a week from 8 AM to 4:30 PM CST, which can make solving a problem so much easier than other companies sometimes make it. When you purchase a Rambo electric hunting bike you can sleep easy knowing that if you happen to run into any sort of problem with your bike there will be someone waiting on the other end of the line to make sure that your issue is resolved as quickly as possible. 


While not our favorite Rambo bike, that crown would have to go to the impeccable Rambo Megatron, the Rambo Krusader is certainly a high quality electric hunting bike, which has some excellent features. The first electric hunting bike to feature all-wheel drive, the Krusader is whisper quiet with its one speed drive train which can be both a plus and a minus depending on what type of rider you are. The Krusader has an electric range of 38 miles, which should be sufficient for most outdoor enthusiasts, however for more hardcore riders, the combination of only one speed and a 38 mile range may cause you to look for something with a bit more versatility like the Rambo Megatron. The Krusader is designed for anyone looking to have an electric bike that can withstand the great outdoors, however it is not the best option for someone looking to purchase a bike that can sustain them for an extremely long and arduous journey over rugged terrain. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is the Rambo Krusader electric hunting bike made?

The Rambo Krusader, like all other Rambo electric hunting bikes is made in the Rambo production facility in Lakeville, Minnesota, USA. 

Is the Rambo Krusader a good electric bike?

Although not our favorite of the Rambo lineup, the Rambo Krusader is certainly a high quality electric hunting bike and in our opinion would be perfect for someone who is looking to buy an electric bike for single day outdoor adventures 

Is the Rambo Krusader a good electric bike for hunting?

With its whisper quite motor and decent electric range the Rambo Krusader would be an excellent choice for an outdoor single day hunter. If you are someone looking to traverse great distances and stay in the wilderness for multiple days we would recommend the Rambo Megatron which has a much greater electric range, and more powerful motors. 

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