Royce Union 27.5 Inch RMA Women’s Mountain Bike Review

It is essential for mountain bikes to be able to handle all types of terrains when riding. You definitely want to have a bike that is well built and can keep you safe no matter where you ride. For women, who are on the go and need to find a mountain bike that can handle any and all types of terrains out there, our team at Mountain Bikes Lab have found that the Royce Union RMA Mountain Bike does a great job at an affordable price.

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Last updated on May 19, 2024 4:07 am

Royce Union RMA Women’s Mountain Bike Overview


Here are some of the features that you can expect from the Royce Union RMA Women’s Mountain Bike:

Suspension Fork

Suspension forks are meant to help maintain the bikes structure and keep you from jolting when riding on rough bumps or patches on your trail. It really comes down to the safety and control of your mountain bike. The good thing about the Royce Union RMA MTB is that it has a zoom suspension fork ensuring the absorption of any shocks and keeps the bike intact. Ultimately it minimizes the effects of the jerks on the bike and its biker. This bike’s suspension fork allows you, the rider, to have a smooth and enjoyable ride no matter what bumpy trail or rough land you are riding on. 

Alloy Wheels

One of the best features of the Royce Union RMA Mountain Bike is its well-built alloy wheels. These wheels come in at a hefty 27.5 inches and are the strength that powers the bike. These large wheels can handle almost any hard or bumpy trails. Your biking experience will definitely benefit from these wheels as it’ll keep your momentum going throughout your ride. The greatest thing about these wheels are that they are made out of alloy which don’t ever rust, giving you the longevity to use this bike in constant off road conditions and any weather, withstanding water, snow, soil, etc. Their unique pattern imports less rolling resistance and makes this bike suitable for riding in any terrain.


An essential component to any mountain bike is its frame. It is important for a mountain bike to be lightweight yet sturdy enough to sustain tough rides and trails. The Union Royce RMA MTB has an aluminum hardtail frame ensuring a lighter build than steel bikes which also does not rust. During uphill and downhill trails, this bike’s frame allows for effortless gliding and acceleration as its build is sturdy and robust. Even moreso, the best part of this bike is that you’ll never have to worry of damage due to weather conditions as this bike is made out of anti-corrosive materials. 

Gear System

An essential component that assists with slowing down or speeding up your bike is it’s gear system. The Royce Union RMA Women’s Mountain Bike has a streamlined gearing system that is a combination of the Shimano EZ Fire Plus Trigger and the Shimano Altus rear indexed derailleur which offers 21 speeds shiftable with your index finger and thumb. Both these gearing systems together provide a smooth gear change to ultimately help control the speed of your bike and ride. You will notice how effective these gears are as you are climbing up or speeding down a mountainside and maintaining your pace while keeping control of yourself and the bike.

Braking system

The last feature to this bike, and possibly the most important one is the bike’s effective braking system. The Royce Union RMA MTB’s braking system is essential to controlling your speed and maintaining the velocity of the bike, especially when adding pressure on your bike going fast on downhill trails. Your safety is guaranteed due to the alloy linear-pull brakes of this bike. You will have full control of adjusting your momentum as changes in the mountain land occur during your ride. You won’t be disappointed in the Royce Union’s braking system as they have exceptional stopping power that you can depend on no matter what trail you are riding. 


Here are the pros and cons to the Royce Union RMA Women’s Mountain Bike:

  • The Royce Union RMA Women’s Mountain Bike is available in two unique color options. You can choose between a slick metallic teal or a blazing red. 
  • The bike’s gearing system provides 21 shiftable speeds providing the maximum thrill experience. 
  • The Royce Union’s RMA Mountain Bike’s 27.5-inch wheels are all-terrain with a tread pattern that ensures less rolling resistance as compared to other mountain bikes on the market. These wheels are durable, sturdy, and very resilient. They are also resistant to rust as they are made out of alloy and not steel.
  • This bike’s zoom suspension forks is used as an effective shock absorber for maintaining a consistent ride and not being affected by bumpy trails. 
  • The Royce Union Women’s Mountain Bike is made out of aluminium giving the riders a comfortable and enjoyable build for their riding experience. The best part is that the whole bike is rust-resistant, giving you the option to ride it all year long. 


  • The Royce Union’s RMA Mountain Bike’s specs make it one of the best available mountain bikes out there. The biggest downside to this bike could be considerably it’s storage space which is more problematic compared to other mountain bikes. 


Overall, the Royce Union RMA Women’s Mountain Bike is one of the best all-terrain  mountain bikes in the market today. It’s features significantly outweigh any of the bike’s faults. With a sturdy unrustable aluminum frame, you can ensure the use of this bike all year round. Best part is that if anything does get worn out, this bike comes with a 10-year warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer. The gear system is another component that is undeniably one of the best features for this bike. With two types of shift systems, the Shimano EZ Fire Plus Trigger and the Shimano Altus rear indexed derailleur, this bike has 21 different speed options giving you maximum ability to try out any trail no matter the difficulty. This bike will be one of the better purchases you make in the sport of mountain biking and will only contribute to countless memories and fuel you to further fall in love with the sport. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Royce Union RMA Women’s Mountain Bike come assembled? If not, how long would it take to assemble?

No, the bike does not come assembled. There will be some assembly required including the front wheel, saddle, pedals and handlebars. To fully assemble and adjust the bike, it would take approximately 30 minutes.

Does this model of the Royce Union RMA Mountain Bike come with a kickstand?

No, unfortunately the kickstand will need to be purchased separately.

How much does the Royce Union RMA Women’s Mountain Bike weigh?

This shipping weight for this bike is about 42 pounds; accounting 5-6 pounds for packaging, the bike itself weighs about 35 lbs. 


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