Sirdar S-800 Mountain Bike Review

When looking for a mountain bike the process can sometimes be quite overwhelming. With a nearly unlimited number of options to choose from and a huge range in price, quality, and performance it can be difficult to figure out what the best bike for you might be. Here at Mountain Bikes Lab we do our best to give you honest, thoughtful reviews for a variety of bikes so that you can find that perfect bike. Less than a year old, the Sirdar S-800 is a relatively new mountain bike but has very impressive performance. 

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Last updated on March 23, 2024 6:13 pm

Sirdar S-800 Review 


In our Sirdar S-800 review we will go over some of the defining feature of the Sirdar S-800. Produced by Sirdar, the Sirdar S-800 is also an extremely high quality bike, especially given the relatively low price tag of around $400. This bike has all of the features that a new or experienced biker would want including an efficient brake system, high quality 27 speed derailleur’s, an easy assembly experience, and excellent customer service to help you with any and all problems that you many encounter.

Sirdar S-800 Review 

Sirdar S-800 Review

Dual Disc Brake System

Like many high quality mountain bikes, the Sirdar S-800 has double disc brakes, one on the front and back tires. These highly efficient brakes all the rider to easily control their speed. Braking is one of the most important parts of mountain biking and having high quality brakes can make all the difference between a good bike and a great one. Although disc brakes are not the absolute best brakes, hydraulic brakes are far more expensive but perform slightly better, they are excellent in terms of efficiency, cost, and durability. The dual disc brakes on the Sirdar S-800 gives you complete control over your speed in even the most downhill situations, something that cannot be said for simple caliper brakes. 

Extremely Easy Assembly

Like its predecessor the Sirdar S-900, which was released a few month before the S-800, the Sirdar S-800 is extremely easy to assemble. When the Sirdar S-800 arrives at you house and you open your package you will find that nearly all of the bike is preassembled for you. 85% pre-assembled, almost all of your work is done for you before you even need to start putting pieces together. However when you do decided to finish putting your bike together you simply need to watch the installation video included with the bike. This video makes putting your bike together nearly effortless and completely negates the frustration that sometimes comes with putting together something ordered online. 

Larger 29” Tires 

If you have read our Mongoose Juneau review you will know that larger tires can be extremely effective for mountain bikes. In that review we were talking about fat tires and the roll is helping fat tire mountain bikes traverse harsh landscapes however in this review we will be talking about the huge 29 inch diameter tires of the Sirdar S-800. Most non-Fat Tire mountain bikes have 27.5 inch tires which are fine however, the 29 inch tires of the Sirdar S-900 give many benefits to the bike. First, larger tires have a greater contact area with the ground giving better grip and control to the rider. Second, larger tires allow you to more easily navigate rough terrain, as the tires get bigger the obstacles in your way get smaller letting you tackle rougher roads. Finally, and what we think is the best feature of larger tires; you just go faster. When mountain biking going fast downhill is what you’re trying to do and larger tires pick up speed more quickly letting you get to a high speed faster. 

Larger 29” Tires 

Larger 29” Tires

27 Speed Premium Derailleur

The Sirdar S-800 is equipped with a three gear front derailleur, and a nine gear rear derailleur, providing the user with a full range of 27 speeds. This enables the rider to experience both steep mountain paths and flat highway roads with the same comfort and efficiency. Switching gears is simple, intuitive, and effortless. With a touch of a finger the rider can switch through all the gears which is essential for efficient mountain biking. Fitted with the absolute top of the line derailleurs, your Sirdar S-800 chain will never drop during gear shifting, which can be very difficult to fix, especially in the middle of a ride. 

High Quality Sirdar Customer Service 

Known throughout the world of downhill mountain biking, Sirdar is renowned for this excellent customer service, especially in this day and age where getting someone on the phone can be so difficult. The owner of a Sirdar S-800 can sleep easy knowing that they can have all of their questions and concerns answered by a Sirdar customer service professional. For a year after you purchase your bike, Sirdar will provide complete solutions to any and all problems that you might encounter. These days, quality customer service can be extremely hard to come by, but at Sirdar your satisfaction is guaranteed. Their professionals will answer all your questions, and make sure that every problem you have with your bike is dealt with in a quick and efficient manner. This is such an underrated part of the buying experience for some people and here at Mountain Bikes Lab we know how important good customer service can be, and how much it can impact the experience that a potential customer can have. 

Final Verdict on Sirdar S-800

The Sirdar S-800 lives up to the hype and is a beautiful, high quality mountain bike. Reasonably price and equipped with some of the best in class mountain bike parts, this is a solid bike and not one you’ll regret buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right height and weight for someone riding the Sirdar S-800?

The recommended height is 5’7”- 6‘5” with a maximum weight of 330 pounds. 

Does the Sirdar S-800 have quick release wheels?

Yes, the Sirdar S-800 has a quick release option as well as the nut and bold option.

Is Sirdar a good mountain bike brand?

Sirdar produces high quality and reasonably priced mountain bikes and although they may not produce the absolute best mountain bike you cannot go wrong with the Sirdar S-800 if you are looking for a new mountain bike to ride with. 

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