Rungu Dualie Reviews – 2022 Buyer’s Guide (All Models)

Intro on the Rungu Brand

The world of electric bikes is exploding as more and more folks buy them to enhance their mountain biking, hunting, and overall outdoor adventure experience. While standard e-bikes vary in their size, wattage / power, and design, Rungu stands out from all others because of its unique double front wheel design. This unique “Dualie” design allows Rungu’s electric bikes to offer better stability and performance across all terrains, particularly notoriously hard ones like sand, snow, and mud. 

Rungu pitches the Dualie as a unique electric bike whose double front tire design will allow you to go where other bikes and vehicles cannot. All in all, we tend to agree, as the Dualie’s high performance and impressive power and stability unlock new capacities for hunters and mountain bikers in difficult terrain. That said, the Dualie is expensive. In this review of each bike in the Rungu Dualie line-up, we’ll dive into the pros and cons and help you see which Rungue Dualie bike is the perfect fit for your needs.


Rungu produes five different versions of the Dualie which vary mostly in power, tire quality, brakes, range, and weight capacity. Before we dive into the details of what makes each bike unique, let’s talk about the things that all of the Rungu Dualies share.

First, all Rungu Dualies have a Bafang 1120 Watt Mid Drive motor, 30T chainrings with a KMC 10EPT chain, and are powered by a 52 Volt 15 Ah battery (the XR Steep and Rubicon have two of these for 30 Ah output.) 

Second, they all top out at about 23 MPH and can support up to about 330-340 lbs of total weight. Additionally, without accessories the max towing weight is up to 300 lbs. 

All Rungu bikes also come with a two year warranty, which gives you great peace of mind and confidence that any issues with the product, though rare, will be covered and dealt with at no cost. 

These shared capacities make the Rungu a very solid electric hunting bike option off the bat. But what’s interesting to breakdown is the difference in performance and capabilities across the different Rungu Dualie models, which we’ll dive into now. 

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Rungu Dualie Standard Review

Rungu Dualie Standard


The Rungu Dualie Standard is the entry level option for those who want to get the Rungu dual front wheel experience at a great price. This model comes with hydraulic front brakes and dual-piston brakes on the back, and has Vee Rubber Snowshoe tires which offer solid grip and tread on even challenging terrain. It weighs about 87 pounds and does not come with any accessories. 

With a maximum range of 20 miles on most terrain, the standard Rungu Dualie can certainly take care of business for a day of hunting and exploration. That said, if you’re planning to be off the grid for more than a few days, or want to go for long distances, you should be sure to have access to power for occasional charging.

If you’re keen to get a Rungu, but don’t want to pay six or seven thousand dollars, the Rungu Dualie Standard is a great entry level model. It’s got solid performance and we like it for close range hunters, day trippers, and campers.

Rungu Dualie Steep Review

Rungu Dualie Steep


The Rungue Dualie XR Steep is essentially the same as the Rungu Dualie Standard, except it comes with some added accessories which expand your options for using the bike but reduce the max range of the bike.

With the Rungu XR Steep you get the additions of mud guards and a cargo rack. The mud guard offers added protection against the elements, while the cargo rack offers up to 300 lbs of pure towing power, which can be super useful if you have equipment or gear you need to bring with you.

Is the Rungu Dualie Steep’s mud guard and cargo rack worth the extra $400? Well, it depends on whether or not you’ll get good use out of the rack towing your gear. If not, we’d recommend staying with the standard and saving your money. 

Rungu Dualie Rugged Review

Rungu Dualie Rugged


The Rungue Dualie Rugged Is a big step up from the standard model. With bigger tires, better brakes, and a larger climbing gradient, you do get very solid performance upgrades. You also get the mud guards, cargo rack, and a slew of other features like a skid plate and included saddlebags. Yet the Rungue Dualie Rugged is $2000 more than the Rungu Dualie Standard, and while we do like the improvements they made, it’s hard to say whether the additions are worth it. 

The larger Maxxis Minion 4.8 inch tires mean more traction, climbing ability, and versatility, and the rear brakes are upgraded from dual-piston hydraulics to quads. This translates into more climbing power and access, but also lower range due to the added weight. 

If you’re focused on high gradient climbs, then the Rungu Dualie rugged is definitely the bike for you, as its 53% is the highest of any Rungu bike. You also might want the skid plate, saddlebags, tool kit, and other goodies which come with this Rungu. If that’s the case, you can consider it. But if you’re just desiring a Rungu Dualie bike and don’t need those extras or expect huge hill climbs, then you can feel comfortable either staying with the Rungu Dualie Standard or upgrading to get more for your money with the XR Steep or Rubicon.

Rungu Dualie XR Steep Review

Rungu Dualie XR Steep


The Rungu Dualie XR Steep is awesome, and one of our favorite Rungu electric bikes. For only $100 more than the Rungue Rugged, you get double the power! Two 52V batteries offer 30Ah of power, which means you’ve now got up to 37 miles of range in most conditions, a big step up from the 20 or so with the lower power models. 

When you combine the bigger Maxxis 4.8 inch tires and the great quad piston brakes with that extra juice, the Rungue Dualie XR Steep becomes an awesome option at its price. Sure, it’s a bit heavier at 115 pounds than the lower 3 bikes, but that’s well worth it. 

You can now extend your daily adventures much, much further with confidence that you won’t run out of power. And you still get 51% climbing gradient as well as the cargo rack, mud flaps, and other accessories, minus a few reserved for the Rubicon.

Overall, the Rungu Dualie XR Steep offers great overall value and performance and is definitely a great option for those seeking a bit more power at a still competitive price.

Rungue Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition Review

Rungu Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition


The Rungu Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition is the ultimate Rungu offering, topping out at performance, power, accessories, and more. With the dual 52V batteries offering 30Ah of power added onto the great Maxxis tires, quad brakes, and extensive suite of accessories with everything from the cargo rack to the skid plate to various tool kits, you can truly do it all with the Rungu Rubicon. 

That said, it comes at the highest price. But when you examine the additions you get when you jump from the XR Steep or Rugged package to the Rubicon, it makes sense even with the added cost. Sure, if you’re content with the Standard Dualie’s performance and power, then its much lower price is probably a good call. 

But for those seeking the ultimate Dualie experience, there really is nothing like the Rungu Rubicon Trail Edition. You get all the best of the front dual tires and strong battery as well as a bunch of accessories which make the bike so versatile. You can plan almost any adventure in any terrain and with this bike you’ll be ready to go. 

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